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The Full Story

Have you ever dreamed of just leaving your conventional life behind and hitting the open road to travel America one town at a time?  So have we. Our first attempt at long term travel was planned for the summer of 2013. We had the RV picked out and the money saved. Right in the middle of mapping out our plans, life took a big right turn. A photo of four siblings looking to adopt a mother and a father into their life called to us. We knew we were meant to be adopted by these children into their family and our travel plans could wait for another time.  Seven years later, in the midst of a pandemic, we talked about it as a family and the vote was unanimous.

The time was perfect to sell it all and hit the open road.


Throughout the journey, we became inspired by the sites and experiences we have had and began designing t-shirts with a brand that embraces the adventurer, the weekend traveler, the hiker, the camper, the motorcycle rider, the boater and anyone who loves the great outdoors and exploring all the amazing beauty this country has to offer. We are adding designs and products daily to our online store and hope to inspire

others that yearn to embrace a life on the roam.


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