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5 Simple Tips to Living Tiny

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

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The decision to downsize our life as a family of 6 living in 4000 sq. ft. to a family of 6 living in 400 sq. ft. was not made lightly.

We knew that it would take detailed planning, and tough decisions to get us to a place that we could make it all fit and fit in a way that was clean and organized.

The hardest part was letting go. Deciding to let go of the 75" TV or the surround sound system was not easy. So many things we owned felt like trophies that represented rewards to ourselves for all of our hard work. After painfully identifying what we needed and placing those items into one pile, we were left with a mountain of things that were simply wants; and we set out to sell it all.

  1. The best tip I can give you regarding selling your stuff is sell it for a price that makes you feel ok about letting it go. We held out to get prices we felt were worthy of the items we were giving up and it really helped soften the blow. Especially for the kids. Once they started seeing dollars, it got easier and easier to let go.

  2. Once it was time to start finding a place for everything to go, we became best friend's with the Command Hook. The heavier duty ones can hold coats, towels and our favorite pairing...the over the door/back of the door shoe holder.

Pairing command hooks on the back of a door with a shoe organizer hanging from them, created additional, and much needed storage space.

These shoe pockets are a great place to put towels, toys, wash cloths, drinking bottles, cups, silverware as well as shoes. We placed these shoe holders on the back of every door and it added more storage space than we needed.

3. Integrate vertical storage. By simply adding shelves to our large/open cabinets and counter space, we were able to increase our usage areas. An appliance can be placed on top and you can keep the counter space below it freed up for use when cooking, etc...

4. Small organizational Bins

With so many little things and no room for a junk drawer it is crucial to designate a space for the little things. We love our small organizational bins that keep the clutter from becoming clutter. We learned later down the road that clear is better because you can see into it and stackable bins help with vertical organizing.

5. Plan for repurposing. Buy one big pot and that pot is used for all the needs of a stovetop pot. Learn to make popcorn on the stove in that pot so that you do not need a popcorn maker. You only need one baking sheet, one casserole dish, one spoon that can be used to mix and serve. Many kitchen items should serve multiple purposes when living tiny. Such as these all in one measuring cups. Instead of having multiple teaspoon and tablespoon measures or multiple dry cup measures, it can be scaled into one.

If you are looking to downsize your life, live minimally or simply cut the clutter out, it is not as hard as you may think. Once you have freed up the clutter in your life, you will find the clutter in your head starts to clear as well. Less time is spent on cleaning and organizing when there is less to clean and organize.

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