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Biking The Grand Canyon

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

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Our first long-term destination on our RV trip across America was Arizona, just south of Sedona. We knew the Grand Canyon was a must for our family of six but we were not sure of how exactly we would get around. So many options to consider, but with a family of six, budget is always the determining factor.

I knew my kids would not want to take another walking/hiking experience, so when I found Bright Angel Bicycle Rentals with a menu of choices; I knew I had found the perfect fit for our family. We chose the two hour bike rental for $10 an hour and made our reservations in advance. I do recommend making a reservation and an early one at that. We chose 10 AM and left our campground with an extra 1/2 hour to spare and we used that 1/2 hour at the entrance to the park (Tip: the far right lane to enter the park is used mostly by tour operators with passes, so that line moves very quickly). Upon arriving to the rental store, the line for people without reservations had grown and those people had to wait 30 minutes to an hour for all the guests with reservations to be taken care of first.

Once we were fitted for our bikes and helmets, off we went. The trail recommended to us was the trail to Yavapai Point. This was the main walking/biking trail along the south rim of the Grand Canyon. The moment we rode up to the first viewing spot was magical. All of our kids gasped in awe. We continued along the trail and stopped often for viewing and photos. Due to being on a bike, we were able to cover much more ground than if we had been walking.

If I had anything to do differently, I would have made reservations further in advance and rented for the entire day and packed a picnic lunch. two hours was not enough time to truly enjoy the park.

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