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New RV Essentials - Water and Sewer Must Haves

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

I had no idea how much stuff we were going to need to support our new RV lifestyle. I did a ton of research to prepare a budget for accessories, but the reality of what we needed was a different story. Every site is different, every situation is different and it felt that each trip introduced us to a new list of needs that we had not prepared for. I definitely did not budget enough for the accessory portion of prepping my RV for full-time travel. I am going to do my best to summarize and recommend what works best so that you don't waste time or money trying to make it work or repurchase an item that wasn't quite right. I also found that paying for quality is worth it when it comes to an RV especially when it is a matter of safety.

Following are the water and sewer essential items to get you started with your new RV:

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  1. RV Sewer Hose -

  2. Adapter Hose Seal (not all campgrounds have a threaded fitting and you need this adapter to dump out)

  3. 15 Ft Sewer Hose Extension (sometimes the 20 foot hose doesn't reach)

  4. Sewer Hose Wye Fitting (for rigs with multiple tanks)

  5. Sidewinder (necessary for sewer hose to drain)

  6. 1 50 ft & 1 25 ft Hose (50 ft hose is for potable water and the 25 ft hose is for washing tanks) This brand of hose doesn't kink, they roll easily and are easy to attach)

  7. Heated Hose (if you plan to camp in below freezing weather)

  8. Camco RV/Marine Water Filter

  9. Water Pressure Regulator Valve

  10. Water Hose Elbow

  11. Clear Source Water Filtration System (not essential, but alleviates all worry about water quality)

  12. Happy Camper (for treating black tanks prior to use)

  13. Camp Champ (for treating grey tanks)

  14. Grey Water Tote (if you plan to stay in state or national parks, sewer hookups are not always available and you need to dump your grey water)

  15. Berkey Drinking Water Filter (we had one before RVing and felt it was definitely a must with RVing)

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