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RV Must Haves That Make RV Living Better And Safer

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

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1. Odor Control - We tried several different products in our black tanks to help with elimination before landing on Happy Camper. Click image to order:

Not only does this eliminate all odor, it also helps breakdown the contents of the black tank. Simply follow the directions on the packaging.

2.Draining Grease On The Road - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this grease trap.

I love to cook and one of my biggest concerns was going to be how to get rid of bacon grease or meat grease in a non-messy way. Problem Solved. This is probably in my top 3 favorite items purchased for RV living.

Extra Disposable Grease Trap Bags

3. Family Size Electric Skillet - Save on propane and cook electric. This skillet can handle large meal prep and is great to use for one pot recipes.

4. Silicone Pot Lids & Spoon Rest - Ditch the glass and use these easy to store and carry silicone pot lids. Microwave safe as well.

5. Travel Berkey Water Filtration - Clean drinking water is the most important to us while traveling. In addition to our Clear Source water system, we use the Travel Berkey. We had one in our home before we began full time RV living and downsized to a travel size for the road. This is the only filter system that removes glyphosate from the water.

6. Bottle Jack - We needed to change a tire within 1,000 miles of driving. The one thing we have heard over and over is that RV tires are cheap and we now think there may be some truth to it. We did not have a bottle jack when we needed it, but we do now.

We were so grateful that we had a good neighbor with a bottle jack and the time to show us how to change the tire safely.

7. High Pressure Shower Head - This was a life changing upgrade. The factory shower head pressure was so weak I highly doubted it was possible to have decent pressure. Not only was the pressure better, it was reminiscent of a bricks & sticks home water pressure. A good shower was what I was missing most in full time RV living and this shower head did the trick. Click on the image below to get the same model we use.

8. Keyless RV Lock with Wireless Key Fob - Next to the shower head, this was the second best upgrade we made. No more waiting on the person with the one key to let us in. Very simple to install and set up.

9. Hughes Watchdog Power Surge Protector - We love this because you can log in via an app to monitor your power usage. The face of the dog lights up when you plug it in and is white if the power is good an red if the power has a problem. We use a 50 amp watchdog but if we need to step down to 30 amp, we use a 30 amp dog bone to plug in to the power.

10. Fiskar Hatchet - This hatchet splits wood quickly and easily. It is lightweight and a name you can trust.

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