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Toilet Paper and How to Test if it is Safe for your RV

When we first started Living in an RV, I was quite curious about toilet paper. The marine and RV toilet paper we bought was thin and not very good. The rolls were small and as a family of six we seemed to go through a pack in no time. I was so happy when we questioned an RV tech and he said to try finding TP that was septic safe and that it should work but there was a test you could do to find out.

He told us to take an emptied bottled water, fill it half way, sprinke in a tiny pinch of *Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment in with the water and place a square of our septic safe TP into the bottle, put on the lid, give it a good shake and wait an hour. If the TP dissolved then we were good to use it. I was so happy to see that our preferred TP dissolved to almost nothing.

If you are thinking about trying a non RV branded toilet paper that is noted as Septic Safe, give this test a try. Maybe your favorite toilet paper will pass the test too.

Visit our YouTube video for tips on keeping your black tank clean and treated:

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